All change for Dreamworks “Ring 2”

Written by David_Redge

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that director Noam Murro is to leave the production due to creative differences with the studio behind The Ring 2, Dreamworks. The Ring 2 would have been Murro’s feature film debut.

As a replacement, DreamWorks is courting Hideo Nakata – who directed the original Japanese film, Ringu, upon which the 2002 horror hit was based. Nakata also directed Ringu 2, a sequel to the Japanese original, however The Ring sequel is said to be a departure from that story. Originally, Nakata was to direct True Believers for MGM, but Variety reports Nakata is no loger involved with MGM’s project.

Naomi Watts is set to reprise her role as investigative reporter Rachel Keller.