Alias Axed After Five Seasons

ABC has recently confirmed suspicions that the current, fifth season of spy drama Alias will be its last. Ratings for the series have dwindled in recent years; the most recent episode had just seven million viewers.

This news, and its timing, is a mixed-blessing,” said executive producer Jeff Pinkner. “Though we’re obviously very saddened to face the reality that Alias is coming to an end, the lasting quality of every good story is determined by its conclusion – this news gives us the freedom to end the series in the climactic way it deserves.”

Stephen McPherson, president of entertainment at ABC, added “Right out of the box, Alias attracted a cult following of fans that were completely invested in the show. Alias is not going to wind down as it comes to an end, it’s going to rev up, and we’re going to make it the event it deserves to be.”