Alex Navarro Leaves Gamespot

Following in the footsteps of three of his other work colleagues (Jeff Gerstmann, Tim Tracy, and Frank Provo who all left the site for collection of different reason) Kotaku has revealed that Alex Navarro has now gave notice to the bosses at Gamespot, and will no longer be working with the company come January 24th. Navarro is without doubt best known for his video review of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing – which is still funny to this day – but also wrote many a great review for the site, and took part in a collection of podcasts.

The sites Editorial Director Ricardo Torres commented on the current Gamespot reviewer situation to say “We know we lost fans, but we’re still getting e-mails of support from folks who say ‘We still love the site and won’t give up on it… We owe it to the site and our readers who support it.