Age of Empires III WarChiefs Site & Screenshots

The official site for The WarChiefs expansion pack, due for release later this year, is now online.

What can fans of Age3 expect from the expansion?

We are creating an expansion pack that will live up to the high standards we have at Ensemble Studios. The overall theme is the Native Americans, and the three new civs are all native, but there is new content for the old civs too.

Native Americans

Early on we considered adding other civilizations but felt they wouldn’t play as different as what we believe we can do with the Native Americans. We also felt there were good stories from the Native American point-of-view that we wanted to tell and hadn’t seen in a previous game. Some people have asked if this topic has required “Sensitivity” on our part. Hmm. Ensemble has a history of trying to portray “underdogs”. For instance, in Age 2 we presented the Crusades from Saladin’s point of view. In effect we are now giving the native nations full control of history. So I guess we’re empowering them.

The Iroquois

The Iroquois controlled a large confederation that sprawled over a wide area. They actually expanded their territory and became more powerful after contact with the Europeans, making major conquests among other tribes. They enthusiastically adopted European technology and their military is the most “European-like” of our three native nations. So they are an interesting combination of a fairly contemporary army (for the 1700s) backed up by a native economy and a strong tradition of mysticism. We thought this made them a great choice for the game.

Additionally here are some great screenshots:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

This has surely got to be the best looking RTS games ever.

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