Dragons Lair

After releasing on everything else in the world, Dragon’s Lair is coming to XBLA

Dragon’s Lair may already exist on…

*deep breath*

Arcade platforms, the Sega CD, Apple Macintosh, Sega Mega CD, ZX Spectrum, the NES. the Game Boy, the Game Boy Color, the SNES, the Coleco Adam, on PC (multple times), Commodore 64, on a normal DVD, on HD-DVD (before it died), on Blu-ray Disc (which won that short war), on the PlayStation Network (which means it is playable on both PS3 & PSP), Amstrad CPC, your dusty Wii, DSiWare (even though no one uses it), and the DS as a cart release, and the 3DS eShop too, the Commodore Amiga, the iPhone, and iPad (which means iPod Touch too), your toaster (this one is a lie). Macintosh Plus / SE, mutiple devices that run Android (we are not naming those separately), 3DO, CDi, regualr old mobile phones before they got smart, the Xbox (twice), the Gamecube, and the PlayStation 2.

However, somehow, shockingly, it has never come to Xbox 360*, that is until now!

Yes, I am sure you are excited to hear that the guys at PEGI have rated the game for release on Xbox 360. It was given a PEGI 7. No other info right now, so it is not known which version of the game will be ported (or if it is getting remade – which likely won’t happen. Too much work!).

*Yes, we know the Xbox 360 has a HD-DVD player, so you could buy
the HD-DVD version, and play it on that.