Activision Bond game set during both Craig films?


The official website for the upcoming James Bond game to be published by Activision has opened. To be perfectly honest, the site is a bit barren at the moment with not much to see, but snooping around on the world map does show a few pieces of concept art from the upcoming game if they are of interest to you.

However, what we find more interesting is a comment at the top of the screen which reads “From Casino Royale to Quantum of Solace …And Beyond.”

Now call us crazy, but that quote seems to hint that the developers will be using the story of both Daniel Craig movies (and adding a bit more themselves) for the plot of upcoming game. It does make logical sense though, as the producers of the films have commented that the story of Quantum of Solace kicks of just “an hour after” the end of Casino Royale.

Officially the game is as yet unnamed, so Activision could still go any direction with it, but this latest info seems to hint they could be combining both stories for one game.

In fact, the only solid info is that three developers will be involved in making different versions of the game. Treyarch will helm PS3/360 efforts and Beenox and Vicarious Visions will likely do some mix of PC, Wii and handheld versions.

To be honest we wish Infinity Ward was in there somewhere too, as we could really get excited about the game then!