Activision Top EA As Number One Third Party

The LA Times are reporting that Activision has become the first publisher this decade to knock out Electronic Arts of the top third party spot ringing up $397.8 million in sales of games for consoles and handhelds from January through June, compared with EA’s $365.7 million. The main reason behind this success seems to be one of the company’s best selling games, Guitar Hero II. However, with many key franchises coming out in the next few months EA is once again expected to pull ahead in the second half of the year, thus restoring the normal order of things.

We’ve never been better positioned as a company to take advantage of the growth in the video game industry,” said Bobby Kotick, Activision’s longtime chief executive. “For 17 years, I’ve focused on becoming the No. 1 video game company, and we’re getting a lot closer to achieving that objective.

This is not an industry that works off of machines or by shaving pennies from the production of goods,” said Robin Sue Kaminsky, Activision’s executive vice president of publishing. “We’re about having the talent to make games capable of delighting consumers.