Activision sues Double Fine to stop release of Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer responds in God-like fashion


I guess you might need a round-up before we get into this one.

A while back, Vivendi, who were going to publish the Double Fine developed Brutal Legend, merged with Activision. Activision then dropped Brutal Legend, with Activision head-honcho Bobby Kotick claiming the game, along with the other dropped franchises didn’t “have the potential to be exploited every year across every platform, with clear sequel potential that can meet our objectives of, over time, becoming $100 million-plus franchises.”

Double Fine then looked for a new publisher, later signing up with EA.

Now Activision seems a bit angry at the whole thing, and have sued Double Fine to stop release of Brutal Legend under EA. Activision claims it still has a valid contract to release the game and has already invested roughly $15 million in the title. If EA release the game, Activision say they will suffer “irreparable harm,” and lose the ability to sell downloadable content for the game if the release isn’t stopped.

What does Tim Schafer, the lord and king of Double Fine have to day on the matter?

Hey, if Activision liked it, then they should have put a ring on it,” he remarks. “Oh great, now Beyoncé is going to sue me too.

Brutal Legend is currently set for release in October with EA publishing, well unless the evil empire wins.