Activision Obtains James Bond License

It has just been announced that MGM Interactive and EON Productions have awarded Activision the rights to develop and publish interactive entertainment games based on the James Bond license through 2014.

James Bond is the ultimate action movie franchise, and we look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with MGM and EON,” said Mike Griffith, president and CEO of Activision Publishing Inc. “The James Bond franchise creates tremendous global expansion opportunities for Activision as it is one of the few video game licenses that appeals equally to domestic and international consumers. James Bond storylines are rich with style, drama and action, all of which lend themselves perfectly to developing extraordinary games that capture the thrill of being the most celebrated secret agent in the world.

Under the terms of the agreement, Activision will obtain the worldwide rights to create video games for all current and next-generation consoles, PC and hand-held platforms. The license will grant Activision the right to develop and publish games based on all of the James Bond movies, as well as non-movie based games.

MGM Interactive continues to work with best in class publishing and development teams, to ensure we deliver both memorable and fully immersive interactive gaming experiences for both core and mass-market gamers,” said Travis Rutherford, MGM’s executive vice president, Consumer Products and Location-Based Entertainment. “Activision’s proven expertise in developing cutting edge games, their core competency in managing large movie franchises combined with the global appeal of the James Bond property, will create a new benchmark for the next-generation gaming experience. We are excited to be partnered with Activision and look forward to a long and mutually successful partnership.”

Activision’s track record of developing engaging and sophisticated games across all platforms makes it the ideal partner to introduce the Bond video game experience to a new generation of game players, as well as to provide new thrills and excitement for the legions of people who are already fans of the Bond films and games,” said David Pope, CEO of EON Productions Limited, maker of the James Bond films.

At this time it is still not known if EA now lose the Bond license but it should be noted that the word exclusive was not used anywhere in the press release that was issued. Right now it seems that both companies have the right to make bond games. At last count EA had the 007 license locked up until 2010 but if that changes we will update you as soon as we get some info. Will we see two Casino Royale games this winter?

Update: GameSpot have added their thoughts on the matter and they seem to hint that EA gave up the license quoting a source saying “Dropping this license totally in keeping with EA company line now. Original IP like Spore and Crysis is the new focus.”