Activision likely to release yearly Bond games, James Bond games

Just like they do with every single one of their series’, it seems Activision want to turn the James Bond games into an annual franchise, with a new one coming out each and every year. The first of the series will be the soon to be released Quantum of Solace (it’s still a stupid name by the way), which is developed by Treyarch. However, it is likely the next game in the series will not be developed by Treyarch, and probably will not be based on a movie either.

There is more Bond to come – I know Activision said that they were going to do a yearly Bond title – but I know that Treyarch won’t be doing next year’s because we don’t believe in just banging out a licensed game every year,comments lead designer Adam Gascoigne to D-Pad. ” From Treyarch’s point of view we wouldn’t be able to make a game with the quality we want in one year – we’ve done that before and it was too much! We did it with Call of Duty 3 and it was hard, hard work. If we were to work on another Bond it wouldn’t be until 2010, but we don’t know for sure yet.”