Activision Bringing Vigilante 8 To XBLA

The series might have not seen much action since the Playstation, N64 and Dreamcast days, with no games been released over the course of this decade, but that has not stopped Activision bringing the Vigilante 8 back to life by announcing V8: Arcade for the Xbox Live Arcade.

Activision boast that V8: Arcade is a brand new re-imagining of the original game, which will offer the game’s core themes and gameplay but has been engineered from the ground up for today’s hardware. The game will also be developed by Luxoflux – the original founders of the series – in conjunction with V8 developers.

The game will have split-screen modes as well as online modes, allowing multiple players to take their car-crushing skills on Live, competing and/or teaming up.

The title is currently slated for April 2008 release – which is not too long to wait.