Acclaim Games Talk Bots

Today Acclaim Games (the brand new one headed by CEO Howard Marks) announced the totally free Multiplayer Online game BOTS. The also revealed that the game is now open for registration! Availability will be limited in the beta phase so register now at

Acclaim Games is passionate about gaming and committed to delivering the best online games available to the world. These games were created to captivate the community and provide a positive and fun multiplayer experience,” said Marks, who helped revive Activision in the nineties. “BOTS is a title that will appeal to everyone with colorful, highly elaborate and detailed environments. BOTS features evolving and upgradeable robots, multiple levels and three different versions of game play. So it really grows with you.

Acclaim boasts that BOTS boasts hundreds of upgradeable options; players will be able purchase these items and customize their bots with nearly limitless combinations. Designers have created many ways to bank currency, both real and digital so that gamers will have multiple means to acquire the parts to build their dream BOT.

That’s where the fun really begins with BOTS. The upgrades will allow gamers to really make a personal statement with their characters,” said Ken Chan, the BOTS Brand Manager. “And the interface is so simple, we expect that a lot of new gamers will find this to be a very accessible and really fun online game.

BOTS goes live worldwide this spring, so gamers are encouraged to register early so they can have the opportunity to enjoy the game first.