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Aaru’s Awakening is almost here.

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon a game that I instantly fell in love with – Aaru’s Awakening. Not only did the beautiful hand-drawn style grab my attention, but the unique puzzle-platformer elements had my mind racing with possibilities. I just had to let people know about my discovery; and so I did, complete with my run-through of the demo that was available at the time – https://darkzero.co.uk/game-news/lumenox-aarus-awakening/.

Now here we are, about 8 months after the game was slated for release, when I see that Playstation’s YouTube channel has uploaded a new trailer for the game, my former excitement for the title kickstarted right back up again. I am so ready.

Unfortunately there is no exact date, but Aaru’s Awakening should be available for Steam, PS3 and PS4 sometime this Summer. I can only hope it lives up to its potential.