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A smorgasbord of news bits, because nothing else was that important today

Tuesday hello to you. This is an opening paragraph that sits atop an article that highlights all of todays interesting news items. I hope you like it, as it took me a long time to figure out what exactly I should write here. Some people have said intro paragraphs should be dropped altogether, as people just read them and don’t bother to read the rest of the article. Regardless, I will continue to post intro paragraphs to my news piece, as I think they are awesome, helpful and cool.

News Bits

  • Tomonobu Itagaki thinks, or maybe hopes, that Fatal Frame 5 will see a western release. “Hey guys, I strongly believe that Kikuchi Keisuke will release the Fatal Frame 5 in America, in many countries,” he says on Facebook. The game was released as a Wii U exclusive on September 27, 2014 in Japan
  • The world noticed today that BioShock 2 is no longer available digitally. 2K said this: “BioShock 2 has been temporarily removed from the Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network marketplaces and will return to these digital stores soon. We’ll let you know when that happens.
  • Bethesda are set to do their own E3 conference in 2015. They sent out word to some news outlets (not me though), to confirm it. This follows in the steps of Ubisoft and EA – who have been trying to out-boring each other for the last few years at the show. Bethesda’s IPs include Doom, Fallout, Quake, The Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein among others. They also have the IHRA Drag Racing IP. Put that in your conference!
  • This week’s Deals with Gold games on XBL are pretty bad. Major Nelson has them here. Don’t bother clicking though. I have warned you. Stay here. It’s nice.
  • On the other hand, the Steam midweek sale looks much better. It has the likes of  Gunpoint for less than a bag of chips. The sale will end Friday, so you have some time to decide if you want those chips or not.
  • This is not gaming related, but board-gaming related. There is a Ghostbusters board game on Kickstarter. A bit expensive, but not enough to cause mass hysteria, forty years of darkness, earthquakes, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… and other bad things,
  • This 2 minute Tekken 7 opening cinematic must be what being on drugs feels like – without the horrible downside stuff.
  • This Cities: Skylines Trailer is less insane, and much more relaxing (in case you need to come down after the above). This one comes out March 10th if you want to relax more.
  • Playtonic Games, a studio comprised of people who used to work at Rare, have announced they will develop a Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor. Other than it potentially debuting on Steam Early Access, and maybe coming to consoles, I don’t know much more. So, I only will post more about this when I know more about this.
  • A lot of money seems to be getting tossed at a re-imagining of the 1979 arcade shooter Asteroids. It will now be a 2D, open-world mining/survival game for some reason. This seems totally unnecessary and pointless
  • Telltale have hinted at what they will do after Game of Thrones, Borderlands and that Minecraft thing. “It’s something we’re pouring a lot of love into,” Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner comments to GI. He added that the endeavor would be the “perfect thing for us.” It will probably have a bug or two in it as well – as that has become tradition.
  • Remember that unreleased, but fully finished Wii U game Ubisoft mentioned? It was revealed to be a bad looking party/mini game thing. No big loss then… but at least you did not have to climb towers in it.
  • It seems the developers of Towerfall have decided to add an Anita Sarkeesian avatar to their game. Some corners of the Internet have decided to respond to this akin to the panic and hysteria seen in an episode of The Walking Dead.

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