A sequel for Total Annihilation?

Chris Taylor, President of Gas Powered Games, has dropped a few hints about a possible sequel to Total Annihilation. Taylor was a designer at Cavedog Entertainment, and the project leader for Total Annihilation.

While Taylor was hosting a Q&A, he couldn’t give too many details to the crowd, he did confirm that Gas Powered Games was working on “an RTS follow-up to Total Annihilation.”

Taylor also confirmed that the game had a publisher, but wouldn’t say who it was. He did, mention that it was “a big one… one that doesn’t also publish operating systems.” This means that it won’t be Microsoft, the publisher of Gas Powered Games’ Dungeon Siege. Most likely to publish it is Atari; formerly Infrogrames and still holding the copyright to TA.

Taylor did say that there would be a public announcement “soon, within the next few months.”

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