A Revolutionary Launch Effort?

Nintendo is aiming for a worldwide simultaneous launch of its 5th generation home console, the Nintendo Revolution.

In an interview with the Japanese publication Nikkei Business, Iwata stated, “I can only say that it’s coming out during 2006, but it will be after the current fiscal year. We hope to make it a simultaneous worldwide release as much as it’s possible.”

Nintendo’s fiscal year ends March 31st of each year, so the Revolution now has the same launch period that was stated for The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

Iwata would like to see the Revolution sell more consoles than the Nintendo GameCube, stating it would be a ‘failure’ not to do so.

To date, no console manufacturer has had a simultaneous launch, due to the complexities and the scope, with the closest being Microsoft and the upcoming staggered world wide release of the 360.

Source GameSpot