A Rare Treat

A new advertisement on [link=www.rareware.com]Rare’s[/link] website has vacancies for the following areas;

Must be motivated, enthusiastic and skilled in C/C++ to join our dedicated handheld team, recently nominated for a Develop Industry Excellence Award. 3D skills also an advantage in creating high-profile titles for this unique system.

Good understanding of 3D packages (preferably Maya), strong modelling and texturing abilities, imagination and motivation are all required from anyone hoping to join our Develop award-nominated team in creating key DS titles.

Rare, since their 49% Nintendo stake was sold to Microsoft, have produced 6 games, one for the Xbox, one for the GameCube and four Game Boy Advance games. It seems that they too will support Nintendo’s new handheld.

Has Microsoft bought a company only to have it develop for the competiton? Or was it a part of the contract from the sale that Rare was to continue to develop for Nintendo’s handhelds? Who knows, but more support for the DS powerhouse.