A Bizarre Project Gotham Challenge

Xbox Live members have another chance to book their place in the first ever PGRTM100, fuelled by Xbox Live – the online gaming service from Xbox, by taking on Bizarre Creations in a Developer Showdown – gamers versus programmers.

On Wednesday 1st March at 18.00 GMT, Xbox Live members from across Europe will have the chance to take on Gareth Wilson and Ben Ward from Bizarre Creation playing on Project Gotham Racing 2 and Project Gotham Racing 3, games that they helped to develop. The lucky gamers selected to play against the developers will also have the chance to win one of only 100 places in this exclusive racing ‘club’ and bag themselves a slick, ultra limited-edition, Project Gotham Racing black-finished Xbox 360 console. But remember, speed alone is not enough since these winners will be selected by Gareth and Ben at the end of the Developer Showdown, based on who has showed the most flair, style and racing finesse when taking on the guys from Bizarre Creations.

If you are playing on PGR 3 add the following Gamertags to your friends list
PGR100 1
PGR100 2

If you are playing on PGR 2 add the following Gamertags to your friends list
PGR100 3
PGR100 4

After that, gamers just go onto Xbox Live on 1st March 2006 from 18.00 GMT until 20.00 GMT to check if they have been invited to join in a game. Gareth Wilson, Design Manager at Bizarre Creations said “We are really looking forward to taking part in the Developer Showdown event and helping to select some members of the PGR 100. Ben and I will have to make sure we brush up on our Project Gotham Racing skills so we don’t get beaten too badly by the Xbox Live members!