5Mil Will Buy PS3 ‘If It Didn’t Have Games’ – Sony

In a recent interview with gaming site CVG, Sony’s Euro CEO David Reeves speaks on many matters regarding the PS3 where he admits key PS3 launch titles like Heavenly Sword will now appear in 2007 missing the November 17 launch day. He follows up this comment by saying “for the first time we are not going to go just for hardcore gamers“. After that revelation he says Sony is “going to have a portfolio of social gaming” for the launch window and he believes Singstar and EyeToy an integral part of Sony battle plan for the PS3. He then admits both said titles will hit shelves “before Christmas.

Next he talks of Resistance: Fall of Man which he believes will be a launch title but then fails to mention any of the other 15 games Kazuo Hirai has assured gamers will launch with the PS3. After this the interview took a weird turn where Reeves says he thinks “[Sony] have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000” Following that he says “the first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even it didn’t have games.”

We know Sony is popular with many gamers but that last line is a bit arrogant if you ask us…

Source: CVG