4GB And 8GB Pro Duo’s On The Way

Sony has updated their MemoryStick Website to include their latest product unveiling at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Touting the way of “Gigabyte Life” as their theme, Sony announced that they plan to release 4GB and 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo’s sometime in 2006. There is no mention of price range at the moment, but you can bet it’ll be pretty pricey at first. The upside to that is we can expect a price drop on the 2GB memory sticks when these products hit shelves. But as our attentive readers have pointed out in the comments, the PSP doesn’t currently support any storage media exceeding 4GB, so you can expect a firmware update to be released at about the same time as these new memory sticks to accomodate for the massive storage if Sony wants PSP users to snatch up the 8GB version.

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