3.8Ghz of brutal P4 power…in notebook form!!

After the Winter of 2003 it became evident that no longer was the Athlon XP a hot beast. The P4 Prescott came under much fire because it drew current like no tomorrow, and spanked out enough heat to fry you some grub, and still have enough heat to wash your dishes afterwards.

Then along came AMD with their fantasic Cool and Quiet technology, this really marked the end of Intels efficent Pentium reputation for that generation. So you can imagine my surprise and everybody elses when Canadian based Eurocom decided to make a gaming laptop, and spank a dirty P4 3.8Ghz CPU in there. Now battery life is already under scruteny in the laptop department, let alone a gaming laptop.

Now normally a dirty CPU wouldnt really matter, because it could just be throttled down, but in a gaming laptop throttling is no option – as you need power for gaming, all the time!

Then there is the gaming clobber they give you, the ‘top sports a 15″ TFT Screen, a Geforce 6800 Ultra, or x800 Mobile! 2Gbs of DDR400 Ram, two DVD-RWs, a Super G Wi-Fi card. It also has a smaller screen on the front for imagines, and weighs nothing short of 10Ib!

Now if your thinking its too good to be true, then you are damn right. Its price scopes from £2000-4000, and the battery lasts for all of one hour.

What can I say, if you like your laptops whale sized, stinking red hot, and more expensive then fried dolphin, Eurocom have done you proud.

Expect to see the Eurocom D700T Enigma in the UK by Summer.