360/PC MoH Airborne Demo Coming August 23rd

EA have revealed that come August 23rd, the day we will most likely all be engrossed in Bioshock, they will be releasing a demo of Medal of Honor Airborne on both for the PC and Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 demo will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace, as you would expect, and the PC version will be available on the official Medal of Honor website.

The demo mission in the game will be called ‘Operation Husky’ and will see a joint allied operation into the island of Sicily, an operation that follows Boyd Travers and the 82nd Airborne on their first combat jump on July 11th, 1943. From there they player will be challenged to secure and sabotage four anti-aircraft guns, and then rendezvous with a group of Airborne paratroopers. From here, it is then up to player to into recapture the village the German Heer army.