360 Launch Fails To Set Japan Alight

The Xbox 360 has landed in Japan. Today, Microsoft’s next -gen gaming console has finally been released in Sony and Nintendo’s arena, and the Japanese gamers… did nothing. Well, not nothing, but according to several Japanese press sources, the reaction to the Xbox 360 was far from what Microsoft might have expected. According to AFP, a survey at several major retailers pointed out the fact that sales were much slower than they had been in Europe or the United States, and one retailer in Tokyo even said that he had sold less than 50 consoles in the first two hours.

There are several factors that could explain Microsoft’s relative sales failure in the first day after the launch. First of all, it’s quite clear that the Japanese gamers prefer something built by one of their home companies (let’s call it a question of national pride), but there is also a flaw in Microsoft’s marketing strategy. Thus, RPGs and action games are much more popular than the FPSs in Japan, and Microsoft had almost no game of this type in its initial line-up. What’s even worse for Microsoft is that the Japanese haven’t been impressed with the special favor granted to them. They’re getting only the premium version, but at only 39,795 yen ($330 USD), significantly cheaper than the price it is offered anywhere else in the world.

Source Playfuls