2K To Bring Top Spin To Wii Next Year

2K Sports have announced they will be bringing their Top Spin Tennis series over to the Wii, the game will be developed by 2K’s Paris studio PAM Development. The company boast that the title will present flawless tennis action and the most real life tennis experience to date for the Wii, and will of course use Wiimote and Nunchuk controllers to achieve this feat. The game will be available exclusively on the Wii in spring 2008.

In the game the Nunchuk controls the player and aim, while the vibration-enabled Wiimote hits the ball like a tennis racquet and determines the style of shot ranging from a top spin move to a slice. The Wii Remote also allows players to control the power and the quality of the shot and to serve in many different ways. Up to four players can also work their way through a selection of modes, ranging from singles, doubles, mixed and non-mixed matches to exhibition and tournaments as well. Even a collection of party games is included, as god knows all Wii titles need some mini-games included!

We are excited to bring our popular Top Spin series to the Wii,” said Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K. “Given the Wii’s unique controllers and the fun family-oriented gameplay, Top Spin Tennis effectively bridges the gap between a sports and a party game.

Also don’t forget that Top Spin 3 will also be coming to 360 and PS3 sometime next year as well, in case you need even more tennis in your life.