Atari 2600 >>> Xbox360 Apparently

In an editorial on the Forbes website writer Ed Lin tears into the Xbox 360 console and brings up a number of a “failures” that he believe the console has. He accuses Microsoft of the following

– Confusing core vs. premium bundles and super-premium bundles that some retailers offered, (says Lin, “These bundles are priced at $999.95. Picking one of these bundles makes you a sucker, not a gamer.”)
– Lack of original games as shown by Ridge Racer 6, Project Gotham Racing 3, Madden 2006 (asks Lin, “How much more incrementally fun is Ridge Racer 6 than Ridge Racer 5, or even the original Ridge Racer?”)
– Failure to evoke the simple fun of gaming embodied in the Atari 2600, with its single-button joystick and genre-bending titles

He finishes the article by saying “If anything, the Xbox 360 is aptly named Microsoft is trying to give gamers the spin.” If you want to read the full article then click here where you can read all of his inane ramblings.