Fable 2 Is a Co-Op RPG

At the GDC Peter Molyneux revealed that cooperative play will be a big part of Fable 2. He commented that players can drop into other peoples game at any time to help their friend out. More so, he went on to say that the person helping will be able to bring any items and money they get when playing co-op back to their own game to use in their own quest. However, the host of the game can “tax” the player helping, nicking some experience points from them if they so wish.

He then went on to say that combat will be easy to learn, but hard to master. Tap buttons will see the character do quick hits, while holding the button will do stronger attacks. Each button will also control a different weapon, X for sword, Y for guns, B for magic. He also mentioned that co-op combat will be available, but that it requires coordination with the other player.

Along with that he also revealed that you can be a woman in the game this time, you can get pregnant, and if you shoot someone in the game they are dead for good. For example, as he played the game on stage at the GDC his co-op buddy shot Peter’s husband (Pete was playing as a woman, you see), and Molyneux quickly commented “That moment is real – it’s not staged. That husband’s not going to come back to life… That’s the drama I want.”