Resistance 2 Boasts 60 Man Multi / 8 Man Co-Op

The new issue of GameInformer is apparently the place to be if you are looking for information on Resistance 2, as the magazine has got the scoop on what the game will be about. If you read the title (which you obviously did since you reading the full news article now) then you will already know two of the biggest features from the upcoming game. Those been of course the option for up to eight players to play though a story-driven campaign along side each other, and up to 60 players been able to form teams and play against each other in competitive play. However, there is much more than that.

Continuing with the multiplayer stuff the game will now boast COD4 style classes, with three unique basic templates available – Tank (close quarters, heavy weapon type), Medic (less health than others), and Special Ops (different perks available, has better attachments for guns, with zooms and grips available). With these new classes in tow the pace of the multiplayer game will be slowed down, with everything been more tactical than the run n’ gun style of the first game. So, even though up to 60 players will possible on a single map teams will set to around 8 players each, thus encouraging communication and smart play from all players. Also, implementations of clan options is said to be a priority for the developer as they develop the game. Furthermore, after every multiplayer battle players will be able to check their specific stats on the games official website, just like 360 owners do with Halo 3 nowadays.

Then, on the Single player side, things are interesting as well. According to GameInformer the story will stick with Hale (the protagonist from he first game), but the story this time will be moved to the United States. 8 man co-op will be available, but you’ve read that already, but what’s even better is the fact that the 2-8 player story based campaign is set to be different than the one player campaign. If that’s not good enough, new vehicles are also reported, but whats better is the article states that some parts of levels will have partially randomized geometry, thus making parts of the game different each time you play. Along with that, the scale of the game will be apparently blown through the roof, with more enemies possible onscreen, all of them will have better AI than before. The games environments will be improved as well. They will not only be bigger, but they will have better lighting, shaders, normal mapping, and detail mapping which will be all used to deliver some truly impressive visuals.

If you are interested in Resistance 2 – and why would you not be after the crazy amount of hype this info will incite – then why not help raise the fall of print and go pick up the latest GameInformer where you will find the full article, along with even more info, and some more lovely looking screens of the beautiful looking game, which are much bigger than the small low-res ones we used in this article