16GB Sony Branded Memory Stick Coming

If you lay awake at night thinking “I need even more space on my memory stick” then you will be happy to hear that Sony have announced you’ll soon be having even more space on my memory stick. The news comes from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Sony revealed that this coming March a 16GB behemoth of a stick will be released across America for a price of $300. No European release is confirmed as of yet, but this seem like a great time to take opportunity of the weak Dollar and find some way to pick up the stick for as little as £150/€200 at the current conversion rate.

If you want to use it for you PSP or PS3 then we are so you’ll find lots of uses for it, but if you are more a camera enthusiast they Sony went onto say “users can store up to 110 minutes of high-definition video recorded in 1920 mode, almost 6 hours of HD video when shooting in 1440 LP mode, and more than 4000 still pictures in 10 Megapixel resolution.”