No 100GB Hard-Drive For Now… We Think

The HDD on-off-on-off rumour that has kept popping for the past two weeks seems to have finally being turned off, maybe for the final time. It all started when pictures said to have come from Microsoft’s Korean X06 event showed a presentation with a 100GB hard drive. This set the wheel rolling with many debating if the photo was real, and if it was why was the announcement so low-key

But it seems thing are finally clearing up as a statement from MS has being released and it reads: “The reference to a 100GB hard drive in a recent presentation in Korea has been misleading, and in fact we have no plans to bring a 100GB hard drive to the market. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.”

So there you have it, no new HDD but…and yes there is a but! Microsoft finished of the statement by saying: “The device is modular, and there’s the possibility that different hard drives will be available in the future.”

So are we on or off now or have we just turned everything right up to 11?