10,000ft Freefall Parachute Jump

On 31 May 2004, David Redge, staff member here at DarkZero will complete a 10,000ft Freefall Parachute Jump to raise funds for the NSPCC. Please sponsor him!



The NSPCC is a national charity whose vision is to create a society where all children are loved, valued and able to fulfil their potential. The NSPCC aims to achieve cultural, social and political change – influencing legislation, policy, attitudes and behaviours for the benefit of children and young people.

David is fully committed to supporting the values of all organisations dealing with children and young people. His aims are to provide the
NSPCC with financial support through activities and help promote a more pro-active approach from the community in tackling the devastating effects of child cruelty, abuse and neglect.

David says; “It is essential we all recognise our social responsibilities towards children and young people. We need to develop a culture and society that actively safeguards children and allows every child to fulfil their potential”.

“Children should explore the world around them, learn and play – do all the things we associate with childhood. No child should live in fear or persecution; no child should live in an abusive or neglectful situation. This should be a common goal for all of us – it is not a responsibility for a few, it is a responsibility for us all”.

“I hope by bringing the work of the NSPCC to the forefront of local thinking, this will spark a light in each of our minds that this is a problem which we need to address”.

The Jump

On 31 May 2004, David will complete a Freefall Tandem Parachute Jump to raise funds for and awareness of the NSPCC. Jumping from a height of
10-12,000 feet, David and his instructor will freefall for 30-35 seconds at over 120mph until the parachute is opened at 5,000ft.

David has never participated in a parachute jump before and is, understandably nervous. He says, “For some time I have been interested in doing a parachute jump – it seemed like a good idea and a very exciting idea. Now, that idea has become a reality and it’s suddenly far scarier than before! I’ve no idea what the experience will be like, it’s certainly bewildering just thinking about it.”

How you can help

Please sponsor David on his first (and possibly last!) parachute jump. All you need to do is write a cheque made payable to ‘NSPCC’ and post it to

David Redge (NSPCC)
c/o SBC Training and Consultancy
Central Hall
Castle Gates

If possible (although not essential) please include a note containing details of
– Your name
– City and Country
– Amount

I hope all of you show your support by sponsoring him, whether the amount be large or small.