£10 DS Price Cut Now Official

Exciting news in time for Christmas as Nintendo today announced that it is cutting the price of its popular Nintendo DS, offering even greater value. From 7th October, Nintendo DS will be available at the estimated retail price of around £89.99. The £10 price drop will take effect on the same day as the launch of Nintendogs, which has become a cultural phenomenon and a sales leader in Japan and North America due its innovative appeal.

The Nintendo DS launched across Europe this spring and offers true innovation with dual screen gaming, touch-screen technology, wireless gameplay, microphone input and Wi-Fi compatibility – all in the palm of your hand. Since launch it has achieved outstanding sales in Europe, shattering the one million mark in under three months. By the end of June 2005, worldwide sales had reached 6.65million, with gamers all over the world having embraced its innovative touch-screen technology.