XIII getting turned into TV series


Okay, we know most of you probably don’t remember it, but back in 2003 XIII was a pretty interesting game, with a rather distinct cel-shaded deliberately comic book styled look. It even had bubbles used to display sound effects. The game itself did not sell to well, but you can’t say it was lacking in ideas. Not only that, butit was certainly one of the few games that remained true to the source material it came from.

However, for those of you that do remember you should be happy to hear that a miniseries based on the comic is been planned to air on TV in the US. NBC are the channel involved (the same station that cancelled Journeyman) and Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff will both partake it what is reportedly set to be an “adrenaline-charged miniseries” that will unravel a “complex and dangerous secret that will shock and excite.

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