Wii U launch titles revealed

Thanks to a leak at GameStop, we now have confirmed what titles will be launching with the Wii U this coming holiday season. While this list is subject to change, we can’t foresee a situation beyond a Wii U launch delay that would hinder many of these titles arriving late this year. As is GameStop’s tradition, we’ll probably know when these games are available as soon as the company begins accepting pre-orders for them. Here’s what we know so far –

Notable titles include Assassin’s Creed III, ZombiU, Rayman Legends (TBA), Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, and numerous other titles. Even if some of these games don’t appear on shelves with the console, it’s clear that Nintendo has learned from its mistakes and is promising to have titles available that make the Wii U a first-day purchase.

More information as we get it, and thanks to zeldainformer for the original posting.

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