Twitter Trolls attack Robert Bowling after Infinity Ward departure

Via the medium of Twitter, some of the more vile fans of COD have chosen to hammer out their “informed” opinion on the departure of Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward – which most likely makes @fourzerotwo happy he chose to step away from the community that he was once hired to manage.

Messages to the now ex-IW employee include recommendations for him to”go die in a hole” and calling him a “dumb mother fucker.” In fact, those are some of the nicer ones we found.

Recently, similar Twitter Trolls have been reported on in the mainstream media for using the service to launch attacks on the family of teen pop group One Direction,  making threats to contestant on Take Me Out, and for abusing former footballer John Hartson after a battle with testicular cancer. Another ex-footballer, Stan Collymore, comments he is getting 150 and 200 abusive messages a day on the social network service.

Yet another Twitter Troll that used the service to attack Fabrice Muamba after his on-patch collapse has recently been jailed for 56 days‎, reports BBC News.

We screencapped some of the comments direct at Robert Bowling and posted below. Some are a bit harsh, so scroll down at your own discretion.

Thanks to NeoGAF for some of the above links.