Trailer Attack: 8th November 2017 – Penguin raiders putty badass club


Hellbound is the latest PC title by Saibot Studios, the team behind popular horror series Doorways. Inspired by DOOM, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Blood and many other shooters of the past, the game experience is focused on shooting, explosions, blood and speed. You have never played something so GROTESQUE! Players take control of Hellgore, a big-ass motherf*cker who kills demons in Hell. That’s it. Is there a story behind all this? Well… yes, there’s a story, but it’s not that important! The real protagonists are the fast-paced action and the gory violence.


Independent developer Stunlock Studios announced today that team arena brawler Battlerite has now officially moved from Early Access to a full free-to-play commercial launch on Steam. To celebrate, the studio has unleashed a launch patch featuring a brand new champion, ‘Thorn,’ 200 new items including rare weapons, outfits, victory poses, legendary color variations and seven additional music tracks. Unlock and master a roster of powerful champions, fight side by side with your teammates in quick skill-based battles, and prove you deserve to stand victorious in the Battlerite arena.

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell

Publisher Grindstone and developer Volcanicc today announced that their gun-toting, roguelike dungeon crawler, Hellmut: The Badass from Hell, is set to launch on Steam for PC and consoles in early 2018. Hellmut sends players through randomly generated dungeons to ruthlessly slaughter hordes of hideous demons, using absurd Transformations, that grant special abilities. By looting valuable treasures and soul stones, as well as equipping unspeakably powerful weapons, players might just be able to save humanity or, at the very least, themselves.

Raiders of the Broken Planet 

MercurySteam gives a more in-depth explanation of these new changes for Raiders of the Broken Planet in their new Inside Raiders video, and how they have an effect on the game’s present and future, culminating on Raiders of the Broken Planet’s second campaign, Wardog Fury, before 2017 ends.


En Masse Entertainment announce that following successful alpha testing, the episodic anime beat-‘em-up Closers has entered closed beta in Europe and North America. Fans eager to play the closed beta can guarantee a spot with the purchase of a Founder’s Pack, available now, and begin participating in a variety of special in-game events that the publisher will be hosting throughout the month.

Dodgeball Rising

Japanese videogame publisher, Happinet, today announced that Dodgeball Rising will enter Early Access on Steam on Dec. 14, 2017. Developed by Asakusa Studios, Dodgeball Rising aims to deliver the ultimate showdown experience, supporting up to six players for fast-paced competition and furious fun!


Flyhigh Works has released the trailer for version 1.3 update for the Switch version of Voez.


Decksplash‘s ongoing Free Week is gathering steam (on Steam), and Bossa Studios has released a new video highlighting what players have done in-game so far. The free week is a unique trial which will determine the ultimate fate of this multiplayer skateboarding turf-war game.

The Wizards

The second major content update to the action-adventure VR spellcaster The Wizards is here. With Arena Mode, Carbon Studio invite players to assail endless hordes of enemies and complete various objectives on two brand new battle arenas.

Penguin Wars

Dispatch Games announced today that Penguin Wars will be coming to western markets in early 2018! Scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Dispatch Games are planning a simultaneous release in both the US and Europe.

BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition 

1C announce that the boxed complete edition of BLACKHOLE for PlayStation 4 will hit the store shelves on 6 February 2018. The BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition includes all previously released DLC and updates, over 130 levels including 10 all-new locations, a digital artbook and soundtrack featuring over 40 tracks, developer diaries, a playable prototype of the game, and printable high resolution artwork, wallpapers & collector cards.

Gear.Club Unlimited

For the first time on Nintendo Switch, players will discover an authentic world of cars with Gear.Club Unlimited. They will walk up to the most fantastic racing cars around, vibrating to the roar of the incredibly powerful engines, and feel what it’s like to be behind the wheel of the most beautiful cars in the world. To make them even more powerful and competitive, players can customise their vehicles – from the bodywork to the engine.

Super Putty Squad

Super Putty Squad new video game for Nintendo Switch, coming soon this November from System 3. Check out the gameplay teaser to learn more before launch.

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