Trailer Attack: 8th January 2018 – Ignis station slimes dragon warriors


Move over, battle arena games, there’s a new wizard in town. Ignis’ duels are shorter, faster and more intense than you have ever seen. As a wizard dueling in the arena you must have superior, almost perfect multi-casting skills. While shooting with magical missiles, dodging and protecting yourself with a mystical shield, you must decide when to create chaos with a meteorite, summon a fire-spitting familiar or cast an area-of-effect spell or curse. All this while watching the spells’ cooldowns. Man, it’s fast!

Fire Emblem Warriors 

Charge into battle as Niles, one of three characters in the Fire Emblem Fates DLC Pack, out now for Fire Emblem Warriors on Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS!

Dragon Ball FighterZ

A dark sinister power has arrived..IT’S GOKU BLACK!! Which Fighter will you choose to fight against his form of justice?

Conqueror’s Blade

Booming Games today confirmed a January launch date for the upcoming beta test for Conqueror’s Blade, the highly anticipated PC “world” sandbox medieval warfare game. Conqueror’s Blade recreates vast medieval civilizations and showcases their legendary weapons and fighting styles in a massive, immersive arena of war where players team up to command powerful armies in the pursuit of territory and glory. The developer also offered a more detailed look at the Big World system that immerses players in a realistic environment and offers its own challenges.

Ambition of the Slimes 

Ambition of the Slimes will launch via the Nintendo eShop in Europe on January 18.

The Station

The Station, a first-person sci-fi mystery will launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac and Linux on 20 Feb. 2018. Developed by a team of AAA veterans, including Dave Fracchia, former Studio Head at Activision subsidiary Radical Entertainment, the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning designer Les Nelkin, and BioShock Infinite and League of Legends composer Duncan Watt, The Station will take players across the universe and aboard a spacecraft orbiting a vicious alien world.

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