Trailer Attack: 5th January 2017 – Smite of the paragon effect


Today, Epic Games has introduced a new Hero for its PC and PlayStation 4 MOBA, Paragon. Serath is a melee carry that balances her light and dark sides to stop her competition.  Serath (Order, Corruption) is a carry with a unique twist: she fights in melee range. Utilizing each ability in her kit, she’s able to close distances quickly, and keep enemies in range to unleash fury upon her opponents.

The Flame in the Flood

Pack your wilderness supplies and get ready for a perilous rafting trip as the award-winning survival game The Flame in the Flood hits PlayStation 4 January 17 as a special Complete Edition. Released on PC and Xbox One last year to critical acclaim, including numerous awards such “Best Games of 2016 You Didn’t Play,” “Best Game Soundtrack” and “Best Survival Game,” The Flame in the Flood is a real voyage of the unknown through a visually beautifully, yet impossibly harsh wilderness.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The latest Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night development update (8) is a video introducing a village area.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Check out this NVIDIA GeForce exclusive trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda featuring new environments and gameplay, revealed at NVIDIA’s CES 2017 Keynote. Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming March 21, 2017 to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Pro, and Xbox One.


Join the Hi-Rez developers as the talk about the new changes coming in SMITE Season 4 – this Dev Talk covers the Season 4 changes to Ranked, and also the new god, Morrigan.

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

The original Rocketbirds returns in a glorious explosion of finger-licking fun! Ratloop Asia announced today that Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, the sequel to the fan-favorite original Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, is coming to Steam on January 26, 2017. Featuring enhanced controls, new combat mechanics, an original single player story campaign, explosive multiplayer action, and the cordon bleu of soundtracks, Rocketbirds 2: Evolution is the delicious tour-de-force action that PC gamers have been craving.


imprint-X is a new button-based puzzle game coming to Steam on Januaryt 26th, 2017. A robotic virus is raging! Nano Bots called Wardens are enslaving people! You are one of the hacker clones, saving intellects by hacking into infected brains and defeating the mysterious Wardens; figuring out their correct button sequences. There are 100 Wardens for you to defeat, containing a mixture of timing, memory and pattern recognition button-based puzzles.

Castle Creeps TD

Castle Creeps TD is a ferocious, action-packed and stunning tower defense title from Dundee, Scotland-based studio Outplay Entertainment, also featuring an epic fantasy story written by Pathfinder/RPG author James L. Sutter – a first for a tower defense title on mobile.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Fans of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the free-to-play Final Fantasy mobile game, are in for a surprise this month as internationally acclaimed recording artist and actress Ariana Grande will lend her likeness to the hit RPG.

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