Trailer Attack: 4th July 2017 – Penny demon longest evil flip

Demon Gaze II

Demon Gaze II drops a trailer to show the opening movie.

Evil Genius 2

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley sits down to talk about the past, present and future of the studio – including a new announcement!

Flip Wars

Dominate the board in competitive party game Flip Wars, out now on Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

Warriors All-Stars

New trailer for Warriors All-Stars shows off Setsuna in action.

The Longest Fives Minutes

Our hero faces the origin of all evil, the Overlord himself, but suddenly loses all memories of his adventure. His finishing moves, the name of his hometown, and even the reason he’s trying to defeat the Overlord in the first place, all gone. Our hero tries to regain his priceless memories before it’s too late, but the Overlord stands before him, his power unyielding!

Blaster Master Zero 

The next round of new content for Blaster Master Zero is here, and with it come two indie game legends who are ready to venture into the mutant-filled subterranean depths! Play through the entire game as new EX Characters Shantae and Shovel Knight, each featuring their own unique abilities straight from their original titles. It’s an indie megamix in the world of Blaster Master Zero! Just like Gunvolt and Ekoro before them, these new characters will be available as a free download for the first two weeks after their release before turning into $1.99 paid DLC.

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows

As summer vacation ends, two young girls visit a mountain clearing to watch the evening fireworks. As night falls and the fireworks end, their hometown becomes enveloped in darkness. On their journey home, something lunges from the shadows to attack, and the two girls find themselves lost in the dark. Separated and afraid, the girls must brace themselves for the terrors of the night, and face the darkness to find each other and make their way home.

Penny-Punching Princess

In a world ruled by capitalism, cash is king! Use the money you gather to bribe enemies to fight for you, activate deadly traps with your dough, and when all else fails, smash all that stand against you with your fists! Fight your way from nothing and amass treasures to take on the mighty Dragoloan Family and reclaim your kingdom!

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