Trailer Attack: 3rd July 2017 – Awkward omega fantasy strike china witch


PAST CURE, the new action stealth thriller coming from Indie developer Phantom 8 Studio, is back on the screen with a stunning new trailer. Giving tantalizing insight into the story, the trailer also impressively demonstrates that in PAST CURE, action is not just a label: the fighting animations shown are completely motion-captured, having been created in collaboration with professional MMA fighters. After his years of being tortured in dark prisons across Europe, ex elite soldier Ian lives in the safehouse of his brother, struggling with the consequences of the military experiments he was put through. They twisted his mind, imbued him with preternatural mental abilities such as time control and telekinesis, and fractured his grip on reality. Driven by hallucinations and his thirst for revenge, Ian enlists his brother’s help as he sets out on a thrilling hunt for the perpetrators of the conspiracy against him, and for the truth underlying his torment.  PAST CURE will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in retail and online versions for US$ 29.99/ € 29.99 in Q4 2017

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe announce today a new entry in the JRPG genre with Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time; coming to Europe in early 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is a heart-pounding 3D action JRPG beat ‘em up featuring an original storyline carved from the popular anime series by Studio Trigger, a Tokyo-based anime production company; now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

See for yourself if history is worth playing by watching the “Termination” gameplay trailer for Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (“FTSOC”), the epic air-combat action game available now on Steam which is based on the historical events of America’s secret volunteer squadrons that defended China in World War 2.

Heroes of the Storm

The infestation spreads within the Nexus… Get a sneak peek at the newest Support Hero, Stukov, Infested Admiral, as well as some awesome new skins, sprays, and portraits (including arr Pirate themed items) making their way to the Nexus soon!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe announce today that The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia is coming to the Europe exclusively for the PlayStation 4– both digital and boxed with EFIGS localisation. Based on the popular manga and anime series The Seven Deadly Sins, The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia is the first console video game adaptation of the anime and manga series that brings together the powerful characters from The Seven Deadly Sins for an action-packed adventure on the PlayStation 4.

Revelation Online 

Revelation Online drops a new trailer to show off a contest for the game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Dissidia Final Fantasy will add the Lunar Subterrane area from Final Fantasy IV as a playable stage in its July 12 update for the arcade version of the game.

Sudden Strike 4

With Sudden Strike 4, the legendary tactical real-time strategy series returns better than ever. Bigger battlefields, more units, better graphics and new scenarios await you in a historically authentic World War 2 setting that challenges your tactical skills in a way that none of its predecessors ever have before.

The Awkward Steve Duology

Introducing The Awkward Steve Duology. A pair of absurdist arthouse FMV games about social interaction and how to avoid it, coming next month to Steam and—and soon to be showcased at the Smithsonian American Art Museum as part of the SAAM Arcade. First, help Awkward Steve psych himself up to answer the door in A STRANGER COMES CALLING! Lower his Anxiety by hiding under tables, petting rabbits and more, so he can build the courage to open his front door to somebody he doesn’t even know. Then, in DON’T TURN YOUR BACK ON THE OCEAN, Steve gets trapped in the bathroom while his roommate’s throwing a wild rager! Hang out in the bathroom with Steve until it’s over—or until…?

Omega Labyrinth Z

D3 Publisher has released a new three-minute gameplay video of Omega Labyrinth Z, called something along the lines of Chest-Pounding Appraisal. All I see is a microphone in a chest.

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