Trailer Attack: 26th April 2018 – Space home glory max west

Lake Ridden

The enigmatic Lake Ridden, an atmospheric story-driven puzzle mystery from Swedish indie team Midnight Hub (ex-Mojang, Paradox & Tarsier) is coming to PC, via Steam and GOG, on May 10th.


Rev your engines for high-speed racing ablaze with an explosion of colour! Developer Supergonk and publisher Rising Star Games release today a brand-new video for Trailblazers, offering a deeper dive into the game’s exhilarating, second-to-second, cooperative racing gameplay. In addition, the Trailblazers Steam page is now live!

Murderous Pursuits

Put on your finest murdering attire, because Murderous Pursuits is out now on Steam (PC)! Get ready for a deadly game of hide and seek aboard a time-traveling, Victorian vessel set in motion by the mysterious Mr. X. With a diverse group of villainous travelers from around the world on board, it only makes sense the new Murderous Pursuits will feature 7 different languages. Murderous Pursuits is out now on Steam (PC), retailing for $19.99 USD for the Standard Edition, and $29.99 USD for the DeluXe Edition.

Endless Space 2 

Amplitude Studios are sharing a series of digital comic books, the Endless Space 2 Stories For FREE on Steam! As a special treat, they’ve also created a “Making of the Comics” video, that offers an inside look into life at Amplitude Studios, and their process for making the comics.


Eastward is an adventure game for PC & Mac combining RPG elements, with a visual style inspired by 90s Japanese animation. As the world around falls to ruin, you play as hardworking digger John, who must guide a mysterious girl named Sam through dangerous decaying cities, inhabited by strange monsters, and even stranger people!


New gameplay video for the music game Musynx.


Six Foot and independent developer YAGER have released a new content update for the free Windows PC open beta of Dreadnought, the class-based spaceship action game, introducing a new, objective-based game mode: Conquest. Still in development but available now as a playable preview, Conquest pits two teams against one another, battling to capture and defend control points through careful positioning and dominance around the map.


ICEY is an action/meta game developed by FantaBlade and published by X.D. Network. Nintendo Switch version coming to JP/US/EU/AU stores in May. 2018!


Join HiRezJuju for a look at the newest update in Paladins – introducing Open Beta 70!

Pool Panic

Adult Swim Games and independent developer Rekim have released a new gameplay trailer for the world’s least realistic pool simulator, Pool Panic, coming “soon” to Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

Raiders of the Broken Planet

Ginebra has become one of the most popular Raiders since she joined Harec’s band of rebels. Today, at 21:00 CET, she receives an awesome, brand new weapon: the J. Wheel M-11.

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

In this brand-new, hilarious Adventure Time story, gamers play as Finn, Jake, BMO and Marceline, to explore fan-favourite kingdoms, and meet the well-loved characters from Cartoon Network’s popular TV animation series.  Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on July 17 in the US and July 20 globally.

Dungeon Stars

Riposte Games & Co and Furnace Games today announced that their side scrolling hack & slash dungeon crawler, Dungeon Stars, will be available for PC via Steam Early Access starting on April 26, 2018 for $14.99.

Light Fall

The long-awaited day is here! Journey into the land of eternal night in the captivating 2D platformer Light Fall, releasing today on Windows PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch! The award-winning Light Fall features a unique game mechanic, compelling storyline and a beautiful art style. Explore the forgotten world of Numbra using the Shadow Core, a player-controllable platform, for a one-of-a-kind platformer experience. Or, if competition is what you crave, try out Speedrun Mode and compete with players worldwide for the fastest times!

Arma 3

After already welcoming 4+ million players to its highly-rated military sandbox game, Bohemia Interactive is calling in additional reinforcements by hosting a Free Weekend for Arma 3 on Steam. The Free Weekend starts on April 26 at 19:00 CEST (all time zones) and ends on April 30 at 19:00 CEST. It provides all Steam users with the opportunity to try out the complete Arma 3 base game. Plus, if they wish to continue playing after the Free Weekend, people can pick up Arma and nearly all of its DLC packs at massive discounts of up to 66% (and 80% off previous Arma games).

Attack on Titan 2

A free update for Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan 2 game released today adds a new multiplayer “Expulsion Mode.” Compete with two-to-six friends online. Choose from 10 preset skills and equipment loadouts to see who can defeat the most titans in the time limit. Earn points for speedy eliminations, steal kills from your friends, or use your skills to out manoeuvre them!

Wild West Online

Get ready to tame the West with the full release of Wild West-themed action MMO Wild West Online. Departing Early Access and hitting Steam for the first time on May 10th, Wild West Online features world exploration, territory capture, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE missions with NPC quests, and much more.


The team at Lienzo, developers of Mulaka, were blessed with an incredible amount of support from the community following the launch of their game and created a brand new trailer to thank everyone for the constant outpour of kind words and reception. Mulaka follows the legend of the 4th destruction of the world by the Tarahumara indigenous mythology and is available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. A few excerpts from reviews are found in the trailer, highlighting the game’s impact on people who’ve enjoyed this unique adventure.

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory

Return to the battlefield of Fenumia, where a besieged nation stands on the brink of war. See the conflict through the lenses of Princess Cecille and Legatus Laendur, one who would restore her kingdom to its former glory and one who would see a new nation rise in its place. Combining both Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion and Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire for the first time on one console, Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory includes all new art, Exemplars, monsters, bosses and challenges not found in the original releases. See the story from all sides anywhere you go in Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory, coming 2018 for Nintendo Switch!


Solo, the introspective puzzler from Team Gotham set on a gorgeous and surreal archipelago, lands ashore today on Steam. Solo embarks on a voyage into the waters of your own romantic experiences. Seek totems scattered throughout Solo’s colorful islands and reflect on how love has shaped your life. Proceed at a relaxed pace that encourages consideration while creatively engaging in puzzles with flexible solutions.

Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

Digerati and [bracket]games announce that Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition, an affecting short story with a striking, minimal art style, will be released for Nintendo Switch on 10th May 2018.

Tactical Monsters

Camex Games announced today that their Tactical-RPG, Tactical Monsters, has been updated with a NEW ESPORT MODE and 3 NEW MONSTERS !

For Honor 

Play For Honor for Free from May 3rd to May 6th! Invite your friends on the battlefield to try the game and win rewards!

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Wired Productions, in partnership with Danish development studio, Flashbulb Games, and Spanish developer, StageClear Studios, announce that Max: The Curse of Brotherhood arrived this week at retail stores for the Nintendo Switch.

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