Trailer Attack: 24th July 2017 – Red overcooked witch of the mystery fire


Shiro Games today introduce a new faction, the Clan of the Bear, to their Viking strategy game Northgard. Members of the Clan of the Bear are known to be the most resilient warriors and excel in defensive wars. Hailing from the northern reaches of the realm, they are also well suited to endure the freezing winters of Northgard. Stalwart protectors of the land, the Clan of the Bear receives bonuses during winter as well as two exclusive units: the Shieldmaiden, true defender of her people replacing the clan’s warchief as its leader, and the Armored Bear, a powerful defensive unit that cannot enter enemy territory.


Team17 and Cambridge-based independent dev duo Ghost Town Games have today revealed that their double BAFTA award-winning smash hit chaotic co-operative cooking game Overcooked will be launching on Nintendo Switch on the 27th July.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today released a NEW trailer for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 featuring Kang the Conqueror, a time-travelling Super Villain who has stolen numerous cities from across time and space to form the expansive Open Hub World of Chronopolis. First revealed at Comic-Con International: San Diego, the video spotlights Kang in his ultimate quest to take over the universe, as well as the many Marvel locations that make up Chronopolis, including Ancient Egypt, New York City in 2099, Wakanda, Xandar and many other Marvel settings.

Sudden Strike 4 

The legendary World War II Real-Time-Strategy series Sudden Strike returns to Windows PC, and premiers for the first time on consoles with a PlayStation 4 release, in just a few weeks! Today, Kalypso Media show the bonuses that the physical “Day One Edition” of Sudden Strike 4 will feature at retail! For an exclusive preview of the alternative covers, check out the teaser trailer

Warriors All-Stars

Warriors All-Stars gets a Rio highlight trailer.

Rise of Insanity

Psychedelic detective story, located in American ’80s, with professional dialogues and realistic graphics. Dark atmosphere of uncertainty is surrounding the player, who by exploring many locations, meet logical puzzles, and events like…flying through deepest parts of human’s consciousness. The game is running on Windows PC as a classic form of gameplay, and additionally is supported Virtual Reality googles. For now, it will be available on Steam Early Access come August 3rd, 2017.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Here’s a fresh trailer for the current Early Access game Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Tales of the Rays 

Tales of the Rays is an upcoming free-to-play RPG that brings the intense 3-D gameplay that Tales fans love from the console series to mobile platforms. Tales of the Rays will be available Summer 2017 as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


BLACKHOLE, an award-winning hardcore platformer with over 20 hours of story-driven sci-fi comedy and gravity-twisting puzzles, now comes to PS4.

League of Legends

Welcome to the Urgot Champion Spotlight.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain

Huey Games announce it will be bringing upcoming point and click adventure, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain to PC, Mac and Mobile devices in 2018. Developed by Lightfoot Bros, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a brand new otherworldly adventure for all ages. Players will explore a surreal and fantastical world as a group of renegade time-travelling audio scientists who are on a quest to save kidnapped children from a malevolent witch.

Red Game Without a Great Name

Red Game Without a Great Name is now on Google Play! It’s a challenging 2D arcade game where you play as a mechanical bird traversing a hostile Steampunk world. Prepare to die a lot on barbed wire, spikes, and sawblades. Your only means of survival is your ability to teleport, use it wisely!

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

Arc System Works has released an overview trailer for the Japanese version of Korean horror adventure game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.  The bone-chilling horror game, White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, is widely considered a hidden gem in the survival horror genre. With a skin-crawling atmosphere, bloodcurdling scares, dynamically changing puzzles and multiple endings, this horror classic is being completely remade with expanded gameplay features and new storylines. Both old fans and new players alike will find plenty to love and fear in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

Green Game: TimeSwapper

Green Game: TimeSwapper is now available on Google Play It’s a challenging 2D arcade game where you play as a mechanical bird traversing a hostile mechanical world. You will die a lot, sliced by windmill blades, squashed by pistons and crushed by spiked gates. Use your ability to control time. Set it to past, present or future, to activate and deactivate various mechanisms, in order to get safely to the cage at the end of each level. Avoid traps, pick up gears and power-ups and finish all of the 50 levels.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Bandai Namco Japan announced a new teaser trailer for Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.

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