Trailer Attack: 24th August 2017 – Dragon returns beyond the ashes of overwatch


Blizzard Entertainment today debuted Hearth and Home, a brand-new musical animated short that explores the story of Hearthstone’s mystical Tavern—the setting for Blizzard’s smash-hit digital strategy card game. Hearth and Home is a whimsical introduction to the Tavern and its patrons and serves as the first in an upcoming series of animated shorts, as well as comics, that draw players into the game’s distinctively charming setting.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Bandai Namco has released an official walkthrough of the Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Gamescom 2017 gameplay demo


Today, Epic Games revealed Drongo, the next hero coming to its free-to-play third-person MOBA, Paragon. Drongo will be available as part of the next update, set to hit on Tuesday, August 29. A zoning ranged marauder, Drongo has a tool for any situation. Though living in the chem wastes of Omeda has affected his mind, it has only made him more fearless and given him a keen sense for blowing things up.

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

Stardock has released its major v2.4 update and a free Co-op Map Pack DLC today for its massive-scale RTS title, Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation.

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

Grinding Gear Games has announced today that its award-winning game, Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath, has launched on Xbox One – the first console release for the massively popular ARPG.


On the occasion of the annual gamescom in Cologne, global publisher and developer Crytek studio revealed first details for a new special mission coming to its online shooter Warface. Set in the most renown city of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, “Pripyat” will mark a new milestone in the franchise featuring a rich narrative and new gameplay mechanics for players to discover later this year.


Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses upcoming changes to Mercy and D.Va which are currently available for testing on the PTR.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

Falcom has released a trailer for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows

NIS America has released a new trailer for its upcoming horror game Yomawari: Midnight Shadows.

Metroid: Samus Returns

Nintendo has released a four-minute overview trailer for Metroid: Samus Returns.


The return of Ultimate TEKKEN Bowl is finally upon us, so shine up your virtual bowling balls and get ready for one of the funniest bonus games in TEKKEN history. Along with Ultimate TEKKEN Bowl, TEKKEN 7’s DLC #1 will include a myriad of other notable items that are sure to add visual pop to any TEKKEN 7 match.

GTA Online

The next big update to GTA Online opens up the air corridors above Los Santos and Blaine County, providing new business opportunities while introducing a range of planes, choppers and even ultralights as highly viable options for transporting criminal cargo.

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix and Ubisoft have announced a collaboration between Final Fantasy XV and Assassin’s Creed: Origins in the form of the Final Fantasy XV downloadable content “Assassin’s Festival,” which will launch as a free, limited time event on August 31 and run through January 31.

NBA 2K18 

Today 2K officially revealed the complete rosters for the NBA 2K18 All-Time teams, which feature all 30 NBA franchises comprised of the best players in each team’s history.


GUS (Glove Upgrade Station) is one of the many machines players interact with in Hob. This device enables players to upgrade their mechanical glove arm with new abilities to use for both Traversal and Combat.

Paladins Strike

Introducing Paladins Strike for iOS and Android! Sign up for the alpha today at

Splatoon 2

The Bear Bros provide tips and tricks on Splatoon 2’s brand new co-op mode, Salmon Run! Splatoon 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

Having sharp katanas and powerful magic at your disposal when journeying up the Yggdrasil Tree is nice and all, but having the best warriors in the land mean nothing without a healer. Thankfully, the Botanist is there to make sure everyone in the party stays happy and healthy during adventures. These scholars of the medical arts use their vast knowledge of herbs and plant life to mend and invigorate those wounded in battle. These healers can further expand their skills in the medical field with The Merciful Healer specialization or they can take on a more offensive role as The Graceful Poisoner. If they choose to go the poison route, they can unleash devastating ailments, such as paralyze, blind, petrify, and more, on unwitting creatures.


Cybermotion is physics based 2D platformer. You play as a student project robot that’s constantly being tested by its creators and professor of cybernetics on the prestigious university. The player is also able to make their own levels and animations that define how the robot moves through the environment.

Sonic Forces

A new video dropped showcasing never-before-seen Tag Gameplay footage in Sonic Forces. In Tag stages, Modern Sonic and the custom Hero Character team up to utilize Sonic’s boost abilities and homing attack along with the Hero Character’s Wispon abilities and grappling hook action to defeat the enemies. The video also reveals a new Wispon, the Cube Wispon, which allows the Hero Character to freeze enemies in block-like prisons and ultimately pulverize them into oblivion.

Itadaki Street Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

Itadaki Street Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary character trailer introduces Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI.

Marvel Heroes Omega

Gazillion announced today that a brand new Defenders Event launches today for Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new event finds players facing off against members of The Hand for a variety of limited-time rewards. Today’s update also introduces Elektra as a new playable hero

Crusader Kings II

Paradox Interactive, a stately pleasure palace devoted to ambitious rulers from all corners of the globe, announces a new expansion coming soon to Crusader Kings II. In “Jade Dragon,” the richest empire on earth looks to the west, seeking subjects and adventure.


Introducing the newest skin to join the battleground of the gods – Dropkick Terra! Get it in the Dropkick Bundle, benefiting Connor’s Cure, in the SMITE 4.16 “Summer Knockout” patch.


The acclaimed VR first-person bullet hell shooter, BLASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, is set to exit Steam Early Access on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

Radiation City

Atypical Games, the Apple Design Award-winning creators of the visually stunning Sky Gamblers and Battle Supremacy series, today released Radiation City on iOS and tvOS devices. In the game, players will set out toward Chernobyl on a rescue mission — but when their plane crashes into the city, they’ll find their own lives in peril. If they hope to uncover the sinister secrets of this dangerous wasteland, they’ll have to use their wits and resourcefulness to survive. Explore desolate in-game environments, scavenge for resources, and craft items to fend off the terrifying denizens of this radiation-ravaged city.

Battle Splash 

Battle Splash Beta will feature a brand new location called Paper World, where everything is made of raw paper. Players can also try out two brand new Game Modes aside from the traditional Team Free for All mode. Battle Splash Beta will be launched on Steam as Closed Beta from August 24th, 2017, 10:30 CEST/UTC+2 to August 28th, 2017, 10:30 CEST/UTC+2.

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