Trailer Attack: 23rd November 2017 – Burn my worms bolt loon

Worms W.M.D 

Team17 today announced that their hit turn-based strategy Worms W.M.D is now available to download for Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop.

Nine Parchments 

Frozenbyte has released a playable demo of Nine Parchments on Nintendo Switch, available today on Nintendo eShop in the US and Europe.

Mantis Burn Racing

Mantis Burn Racing is a modern top-down style racing game that combines physics-based gameplay with intuitive arcade racing in highly competitive, fast and addictive races. Get ready to prove your driving skills in 5 unique classes of vehicles over an epic 11-season single-player career with more than 150 events and 13 event types in frenetic, bumper-to-bumper races where winning is everything!

Portal Knights

Portal Knights is OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch.

Boiling Bolt

Boiling Bolt is an immersive and explosive 2.5D twin stick shooter with breath-taking 3D graphics and stunning effects. The Earth was shattered and reduced to floating islands hanging on the power of their Crystal. Life went back to its course, forgetting that bitter past. A millennium later, you play June, a rebel soldier struggling to defend her island against an organization draining power out of the Crystals.

My Tamagotchi Forever

20 years have passed since the release of the first Tamagotchi. This incredible phenomenon is now ready to spread love to a whole new generation of fans on a new platform. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announce the brand new free-to-play mobile game My Tamagotchi Forever. Developed by Paladin Studios, My Tamagotchi Forever will be ready to hatch in 2018.

Epic Loon

They were locked away in stasis, hidden from the human world, in an antiquated piece of obsolete entertainment tech known as a VHS cleaner tape. Their restful prison, where they would remain until the end of time, was foolproof. Ukuza, Macrales Studio, and Shibuya Productions have released a gameplay teaser trailer for Epic Loon.

Mille Bornes 

Asmodee Digital and DUJARDIN announced today the release of the new digital version of Mille Bornes on iOS, Android and Steam. Young and old alike can get involved, alone or in a family group, with the digital version of this legendary board game first played in French homes back in 1954! Expect crazy racing, foul play, getaways and more in this classic racing game.

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