Trailer Attack: 23rd June 2016 – Civilization fighters flying blood kingdoms

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII

Koei Tecmo Europe today released a new batch of assets and information focusing on the alternative strategic elements that players can look forward to in the upcoming entry in the renowned strategy series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII. Two new gameplay videos detail the game’s Civic Development and Bond systems, as well as a new promotional trailer that highlights the many strategy options that players have at their disposal. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII is slated to release on the PlayStation 4 and digitally on Windows PC via Steam on the 8th July 2016.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

2K and Firaxis Games today released the exclusive behind-closed-doors theater presentation for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI at E3 2016, narrated by Sean Bean.

The Kings of Fighters XIV

Team Official Invitation is a unique team because they’re comprised entirely of new characters to the KOF series! They were also personally invited by the mysterious billionaire Antonov, host of The Kings of Fighters XIV tournament, because they’re the best of the best of the best.

One Piece Burning Blood

Bandai Namco launched today an opportunity for the community to vote on future additional content for One Piece Burning Blood. The voting system will allow fans to vote on the next 3 characters that will join the game roster. It’s easy to vote and everyone can participate! Just head over to the official website at and start voting for your favourite characters until 6th July.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

Nothing quite shocks the senses like the chilly winds and intense air-battles of 1940s southeast Asia. Today’s summery FTSOC Steam update not only improves multiplayer features, but also retrofits cockpit view/support, starting with a functional inside rendition of the RAF’s tropical Spitfire Mk. V. Furthermore, a pair of new fighters have been made available namely the Allied P-47D “Thunderbolt” and the Japanese Ki-44 Shoki “Toji”, each with a decent selection of skins and over-the-radio voice shouts in American, Chinese, Russian and Japanese languages.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard is going big today in every way possible with its online dinosaur survival experience, ARK: Survival Evolved. Available to all Steam ARK players starting now, update v243 is packed with features including the opening of the stunning Redwood Forest Biome, a major extension of the Snow Biome, and new structures featuring Ewo… well uh…tree-top villages with furry creatures. In fact, there are dozens more features in this update, from Gas Masks, to Rope Ladders, Tree-House Platforms, Sap Taps, and much more.

Satellite Command

Satellite Command is a game that uses realistic astrophysics to create satellites that orbit the Earth. You are given missions to complete using these satellites, which you can launch, upgrade and destroy with the player’s goal of having a small fleet of these satellites to manage. The game is based on Rocket Science (think Kerbal Space Program orbits) so is a great way to learn about some of the difficulties of space flight.

Revelation Online

Publisher and developer NetEase unveiled the enigmatic history of the upcoming version of Revelation Online, a new MMORPG set in a fantasy open world. The brand new trailer shows one of the central legends that make up an intriguing lore of the game.

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

Ratloop Asia announced today that new free DLC is available now and can be downloaded for Rocketbirds 2: Evolution. Available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, gamers can immediately upgrade their Rescue Mode missions while also enjoying the patch update that includes several new options to customize gameplay for the most perfectly-cooked entrée of non-stop action.

Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small

In Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small, the player is the owner of an old farmstead with a bit of land. However, a neighboring farmer happens to have a competitive streak — so all bets are off! Both players (human and CPU) must use their wits to acquire and manage both resources and livestock over eight rounds — while attempting to strategically deploy buildings — in a mad dash for farm and fortune.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia

-Video game publisher announces the release of the Exodus update for Evolution: Battle for Utopia. The highly successful mobile game will get an update that will end the storyline of the game with a grand finale. This will wrap up the players adventures on Utopia with a mind boggling twist, that will put all past story events in a whole new light.

Move or Die

The mad minds of independent developer Those Awesome Guys not only want you to destroy friendships in Move or Die, they want victors to truly enjoy all the spoils! And with the upcoming Toxic Update, players can now communicate with each other using new chat and spam in-game emotes to ruthlessly taunt opponents! The free Toxic Update also adds game modes like the “Hoops” basketball mini-game, new playable characters, touchscreen compatible controls for Windows devices, and much more.

The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery

Join a clandestine community of people with the unique ability to move through magic worlds in The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery. Your dear Uncle Richard, an elite member of this ancient order, has suddenly gone missing. After a period of despair, you realize that you too are blessed with these special powers and thus are the only one that can find him! Search for your beloved uncle, protect the sacred Artifact of the Order and thwart the forces threatening the entire society in this fantastic blend of hidden object tasks and puzzles.


Imprint-X is a casual puzzle game for desktop and mobile, containing 100 uniquely crafted puzzles to solve where you hack and click your way to defeat the mysterious robotic Wardens. It’s currently running a Kickstarter campaign that you can find here.

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