Trailer Attack: 22nd February 2018 – Greedy lights vault fighters tail


SOULCALIBUR VI, the newest chapter in one of the longest-running beat ‘em up franchises, will again feature beloved characters and exciting new fighters. Today BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe announced the addition of Ivy and Zasalamel to the upcoming weapon-based fighting game. SOULCALIBUR VI will be launched in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Bleed 2

Heroic news everyone! Digerati, in partnership with Bootdisk Revolution and Nephilim Game Studios, announce that Bleed 2, the supersonic run-and-gun sequel to indie smash hit Bleed, is coming to Nintendo Switch on 8th March.


Paradox Interactive today released a new expansion for Stellaris, the sci-fi grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio. Titled “Apocalypse,” the expansion adds a terrifying armada of features centered around warfare and destruction to Stellaris, and is available now for Windows, MacOS, and Linux PCs for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games is kicking off Fortnite Battle Royale’s Season 3 today and has introduced an all-new Battle Pass which is available to purchase now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom has gone gold.

Somewhere: The Vault Papers 

Independent development studio Norseman Interactive along with independent game publisher Playdius announce that Somewhere: The Vault Papers will launch exclusively on iOS March 8, 2018 for $2.99/€3.49. The game will release shortly thereafter on Android as a freemium title for $2.99/€2.99 with in-app purchases to unlock the full story.

The King of Fighters XIV

SNK has announced that Heidhern will join The King of Fighters XIV.


En Masse Entertainment announced today that the Open Beta for TERA on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will run from March 9, 2018 at 6:00 a.m. Pacific (PST) until March 12, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific (PST). PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have access to the Beta by visiting the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store beginning on March 9.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

The Closed beta contains 3 levels and all 15 careers, which can be unlocked as you progress with each hero.

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms 

Rekindle those old flames and check out the new Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Gameplay Trailer explaining the brand new Corruption feature, which allows the player to offer blood, manage the warrior’s symptoms with medicine, or force the warrior to endure their agony. The higher the level of Corruption, the more their condition worsens. Remember, the Corruption system affects the ending with the character you choose, so make sure you choose wisely!

Yume Nikki: Dream Diary

Kadokawa Corporation has released a new trailer for Yume Nikki: Dream Diary.

Boo! Greedy Kid

The time has come to twerk your greedy butt in Flying Oak Games’ latest game: “Boo! Greedy Kid”. The stealth shouting soda action game is now available on Steam.

30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1

30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1, the best and most diverse collection of challenging games for the price of just one game. The title will become available in the digital distribution in the European Nintendo eShop on March 8th for €14.99 and £13.49.


Good Shepherd Entertainment and independent developer Italo Games have announced that Milanoir, an original pixel-packed action game inspired by the masterpiece Italian crime movies of the 1970s, is expected to launch on Nintendo Switch in early 2018.


Prepare your nukes to obliterate demons in hell because Saibot Studios, developers behind popular horror series Doorways, has announced that Hellbound closed beta is live now on Steam. More than 20,000 players who have signed up for access, will start receiving their beta keys for free starting from today. Those who haven’t signed up yet, can still do it on the game’s Website

Total War: ARENA

Wargaming Alliance, SEGA and Creative Assembly announce that Total War: ARENA marches into Open Beta today. The legendary series’ first foray into online-only competitive multiplayer warfare pits commanders against each other in strategic 10-vs-10 battles.

A Purrtato Tail

Comedic and filled with character and cats, A Purrtato Tail places the player in the paws of Queen Pixel – leader of the potato cats. Whiskered whispers speak about a race of mysterious bioluminescent creatures who thrive in the dark, appearing across the Isle of Moar. The existence of these Nightshades proves to be real when they burst forth from the shadows, igniting their secret plan by kidnapping Queen Pixel’s most trusted adviser – the Elderstar. Pixel must now venture into the world, navigating treacherous pits by collecting characters and connecting them together to form bridges and ledges. She must solve puzzles within the world itself by utilizing the unique abilities of each character, fight Nightshades with her sharpened claws, and discover the foul secret of the Nightshades’ dark plan.

Armored Warfare: Assault

Mobile games developer Pushkin Games Studio announces today that its fast-paced tank combat shooter Armored Warfare: Assault has rolled out worldwide onto Android and iOS devices. Optimized for mobile platforms, the title places its own frantic twist on the traditional tank shooter genre, emphasizing on explosive front line action and removing the need to wait for another battle. The respawn system ensures that tank treads never cool allowing players to get right back into its frenzied vehicle warfare and engage their enemies head on.


PROXIMA ROYALE delivers first-person-only gameplay and breathtaking graphics powered by the Unreal Engine 4. PROXIMA ROYALE is a competitive Sci-Fi Battle Royale shooter set on the exoplanet Proxima Centauri b. Fast-paced combats, loot, weapons and the drive to survive.

Defenders of Ekron

2D shoot’em up, Defenders of Ekron (PS4), will launch in Asia on March 9. Defenders of Ekron is a narrative-driven game that mixes the classic action of a shoot ’em up with the exploration of an adventure game, including dungeons, culminating in a memorable sci-fi experience.

Flashing Lights

Flashing Lights, the police, firefighter and EMS simulator, will launch in Early Access for PC and Mac on 18 May 2018. Flashing Lights is a single player and multiplayer emergency services simulator focusing on police, firefighters and emergency medical services. Enrolling with one of three departments, players will take on unique missions and rewards in an open world. Players will engage in desperate car chases, diagnose life-threatening injuries, and put out lethal fires. Each department has its own vehicles, equipment and abilities for players to take control of.


Fruitcraft will be available on App Store on Feb 28th. Fruitcraft combines elements from popular online strategy games such as Travian and Clash of Clans with traditional trading card games, creating an awesome engaging game that is easy to understand, play and enjoy.

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