Trailer Attack: 19th May 2017 – Crash fire grab sexy tennis nightmares


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is today releasing a new TEKKEN 7 dramatic story trailer showcasing the feud of the Mishima family and its footprint on the rest of the world. From honor, duty, vengeance, all their fights are personal. In a final showdown filled by blood and anger, what began in death will end…in death: watch here

Endless Space 2

After a period in Early Access, Endless Space 2 has officially launched today, ready for players to jump in and play. The last and final faction, The Unfallen, was completely designed by the community through Amplitudes Games2Gether platform.

Nex Machina

Nex Machina gains local co-op, and so here is a trailer for it!

Nine Parchments

Frozenbyte announce that the co-operative blast’em up game Nine Parchments is coming to Nintendo Switch. A group of drop-out wizard apprentices decide to skip their training for a quick path to the Nine Parchments. As the wannabe wizards rapidly discover powerful new spells and ignore all safety aspects, it’s natural that their hasty progress results in lots of unwanted deaths…

The Surge

Hardcore action-RPG The Surge, developed by Deck13, gets an accolades trailer. We shall have our own verdict on the4 site soon, until then, enjoy what others have to say about the game. CREO is already home to many players enthralled by its dynamic limb targeting system and character progression, with more employees joining every day. Today we celebrate with the fans with the Accolades Trailer, pulling up chatter about the game.

Albion Online

Follow the progress of Albion Online, a new class of MMORPG, as it strides towards launch on July 17, 2017. The game developers have strong ties to their fans and have released this newest entry in a series of development videos that keep early adopters informed, as well as help new players orient themselves in the world of Albion. In this latest log, game director Robin Henkys tackles the redesign of the lawless Outlands area, set to roll out with their Hector update on June 7, 2017.


The dark whimsical tale LITTLE NIGHTMARES hit store shelves with critical acclaim from the press! BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Tarsier Studios share the accolade trailer of their suspense-adventure game. Be patient and watch it till the very end to get a clue about the future of LITTLE NIGHTMARES… Who’s that boy? P.S. We also thought the game was great! 


PQube announce that AKIBA’S BEAT is OUT NOW for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Europe.

Karma. Incarnation 1

Karma. Incarnation 1 – the beautifully unsettling hand-drawn adventure game by AuraLab – is getting a “PC-perfect” port to Android and iOS.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Activision has released a new trailer introducing the various villains of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

The Sexy Brutale

The third and final chapter of The Sexy Brutale dev diaries series is now available. This time, Cavalier Game Studios explain the design process behind the critically acclaimed The Sexy Brutale in the game’s third developer’s diaries.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Play each new map or dungeon as it’s released by purchasing the Season Pass for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. The purchase of the Season Pass includes all five DLC packs: Fledgling Warriors, Undaunted Heroes, Lost Altars, Rise of the Deliverance, and Cipher Companions.

Timber Tennis

Timber Tennis is a completely new addition to the Timberman family – a series of games enjoyed by more than 30 million people around the world. Take control of one of the contestants and participate in the annual Timber Tennis world championships. The goal is pretty straightforward – beat all the rivals by upgrading your skills, using super shots, and avoiding specials.


System 3 announce details of The Killer Clown and The Psycho, the final undesirable characters to be revealed for Constructor, coming soon to PC DVD Rom, Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


In Blobout you assume the role of Blob, a science experiment gone wrong that has the dream of escaping the clutches of its mad creator. In order to escape, you must wall-jump your way up an endless tower of tricks and traps laid out by the Scientist, that has now succumbed to madness. How far can you get, before he gets you? The game is out now on Android.

Grab the Bottle

Here’s the deal: Grab the Bottle is a game in which you control an infinitely stretchy arm and solve puzzles by grabbing and pulling objects. You need to maneuver an ever-extending arm to grab the goal bottle, avoiding anything hazardous on the way. To make things more tricky, Grab the Bottle brings physics and puzzles to the mix. You must grab, pull and drop objects to get to the goal bottle. On the way you will find different kinds of obstacles that need to be dealt with.

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