Trailer Attack: 17th August 2017 – Gigantic crazy beat apes shadows dragon witch

Gran Turismo Sport

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have released three new trailers for Gran Turismo Sport.

Blue Reflection

Today KOEI TECMO shared further information on how character relationships can affect the course of the narrative in GUST studio’s upcoming title, Blue Reflection, slated for release on September 26, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, and digitally on Windows PC via Steam®


The clenched fists at Sloclap and drunken boxers of Devolver Digital have detailed the online multiplayer features in their forthcoming melee combat game Absolver with the new ‘Friends & Foes’ video feature. The development team has also announced the first post-release content in a set of free updates scheduled to happen over the next six months including new gameplay modes, new features, and new moves to expand players’ customisable Combat Deck.

SpellForce 3

Today THQ Nordic released an all-new CGI trailer for SpellForce 3, the real-time-strategy meets role-playing fantasy game launching this winter on PC. The trailer offers a recap of the events, narrated by voice actor Doug Cockle, leading up to the newest iteration in the franchise, while providing a glimpse of the battles to come.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Capcom has released the full story trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Shadows: Awakening 

Shadows: Awakening is a unique, isometric single-player RPG with real-time tactical combat. You take control of a demon summoned from the Shadow Realm – the Devourer – to consume the souls of long-dead heroes and embark on an epic adventure with challenging gameplay, a gripping storyline and enchanting graphics. Do you have the focus and wits to master the world of the Heretic Kingdoms? Gather your party, control powerful heroes and use their skills to your advantage. But who is in charge… the demon, or the souls that it has devoured? It’s up to you to either thwart a major threat and save the world, or to plunge it into complete disaster…


Open Beta 56 Console Patch Overview

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Warhorse Studios and Deep Silver today revealed unseen story details for the upcoming medieval role playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance which will launch on February 13th 2018 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Pre-Order will be available later today on Steam. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, the first part of a two-part release, is coming to PC on Steam with updated graphics in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese August 24!


Ultra Ultra has released a full level playthrough of its upcoming sci-fi action adventure game Echo.

Cities: Skylines

Paradox Interactive – in concert with Colossal Order – today released Cities: SkylinesConcerts, a new mini-expansion for the award winning city builder that lets players plan, promote, and party at music festivals in their cities. Cities: Skylines – Concerts is available on Paradox Plaza and Steam today for $6.99 on Windows, MacOS, and Linux PCs.


In this episode of This Week In Gigantic, Jared (Mo_SoFech) and Amanda (AkaAmandaKane) discuss their official Corruption update featuring Oru, custom matches, and the contest!

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Learn more about Billie Lurk – including her background, her motivations and her new powers – in the latest video, featuring new gameplay and insights from Arkane Studios Creative Director Harvey Smith.


In celebration of the one-year anniversary of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, Producer Yoshinori Kitase and members of the development team bring a special video message to the players!


Ever wanted to be a GUN WIZARD? Well, my friend, today’s your lucky day! Play Paladins for free

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

Do you know what’s really effective against the deadly creatures that call the Yggdrasil tree home? If you said katanas, you’re absolutely right! Luckily, the Therian Masurao in Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth just so happens to delight in slicing and dicing with beautifully crafted Japanese swords. They can be slotted in the frontline to slash everything in their path and can even attack multiple opponents in a single attack. Oh, they can also lure rare enemies into combat to get better items and gain more experience with the New Challenger skill.


The first in a behind the scenes look at Observer.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted fan-favorite Chloe Frazer finally gets the spotlight in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Hurl VR

Independent developer Rusty Oak today announced that their debut title Hurl VR, a Pinball-like puzzle game, is coming to Steam for HTC Vive this Summer. Hurl VR is a ball throwing simulator in virtual reality with a touch of tactical puzzler, requiring skill, logical thinking and precise timing.

Crazy Dreamz

French indie developer DREAMZ Studio has announced their magic sandbox platformer Crazy Dreamz will be coming to Steam later this year. They also released an announcement trailer and all-new beta that’s available to download and play right now!

Epic Tavern

Epic Tavern, the tavern management simulation with high-fantasy RPG storytelling, will begin pouring pints on Sept. 7 for PC via Steam Early Access.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Bandai Namco release the Story Trailer dedicated to Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time – coming to Europe early 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Tunnels & Trolls Adventures

MetaArcade, the indie developer building a platform where players can create and publish their own RPG adventures, announced it has launched Tunnels & Trolls Adventures on the App Store and Google Play. Tunnels & Trolls Adventures, which is also planned for release on PC, Mac and Steam later this year, is a dungeon crawling RPG experience that brings to life new and classic quests from Tunnels & Trolls, the second RPG ever published. The game represents the first component of MetaArcade’s new platform, with the other being the upcoming Adventure Creator software that will allow players to create their own quests for the game.

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier

The Imaginarium Studios, the premier performance capture studio for film, television and video games, in partnership with FoxNext Games, today confirmed Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this fall.

Itadaki Street Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

New Itadaki Street Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary character trailers introduce Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, and Terry from Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released the latest trailer for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game, based on the upcoming big-screen adventure.

Beat The Game

The folks over at independent studio, Worm Animation, today announced that their debut title, point and click music adventure—Beat The Game— will launch on September 7th on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, with an Xbox One release scheduled for later in 2017. To accompany the announcement, the studio release the latest trailer focusing on the music of the illustrious house and techno producer, Marc Houle, who contributed to the game’s dynamic soundtrack.

War Wings

Attention all pilots! Publisher Miniclip, together with Tencent and Mobilefish, have announced today that War Wings, the hit World War II air combat game, has officially launched in the U.S. and additional global markets for iOS and Android devices.

Armored Warfare, Developer and Global Publisher, unveil the future of modern tank shooters by announcing the availability of Armored Warfare for PlayStation 4 for the beginning of next year. The military MMO lets players take control of modern tank or armored fighting vehicles and brings them to the heart of modern battlefields around the world, like frozen cities and sun-scorched islands. Compete with rival teams for domination of these hotspots or join forces with friends to carry out the most difficult missions sent down by command.

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