Trailer Attack: 13th October 2016 – Tyranny souls civilization of little butcher


Paradox Interactive today unveiled the release date for Tyranny, the new role-playing game (RPG) from Obsidian Entertainment. Tyranny, a game that challenges players to find their place in an original fantasy realm where evil has conquered the known world, will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs on November 10, 2016. Starting today, players can pre-order Tyranny in advance of the game’s launch, and secure bonus material that will help demonstrate their loyalty to Kyros the Overlord.

Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel

Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel comes out on October 25, 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Save when you buy the Season Pass.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

With the launch of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on October 21, 2016. 2K and Firaxis Games have released a behind the scenes video with Christopher Tin, the composer of “Sogno di Volare”, the theme music for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI and a live performance of “Baba Yetu” the theme music for Sid Meier’s Civilization IV


Get behind the wheel as DRIVECLUB revs its engines for a follow-up season of edge-of-your-seat racing. Combining the stunning graphical power and interconnectivity of PlayStation 4 with the unparalleled immersion of PlayStation VR, DRIVECLUB VR transports you to some of world’s most stunning locales in some of the world’s most powerful production cars.


BATTLEZONE is available NOW as a launch title for PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4, offering hours of exhilarating, futuristic tank warfare in stunning first-person VR. Delivering a procedurally generated campaign for 1-4 players that ensures no two playthroughs are ever the same, and drop-in, drop-out online play, BATTLEZONE is an essential purchase for all early adopters of PlayStation VR.

Pokken Tournament

The arcade version of Pokken Tournament will add new playable Scizor on October 20. It’s safe to assume that the sharp Pokemon will be coming to a home console in the future.


Stand up and fight for the Thrall! Relive the third Thrall uprising that sparked a revolution within the Jennerit Empire. Run through the slums of the planet Tempest and see what motivated Attikus, firsthand – all with a film noir flair. “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” is the first of five Battleborn DLC Story Operations. Each Operation expands on the Battleborn universe and drops you right into the middle of the action. Story Operations are available as part of the Season Pass and Digital Deluxe edition, or can be purchased through the in-game Marketplace.

This War of Mine: The Little Ones

Following the PC and console releases earlier this year, This War of Mine: The Little Ones is available for $3.99 (USD) as an in-app expansion. The original game, This War of Mine, is currently discounted to $3.99 (from $14.99) via iTunes and Google Play.

Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live

It’s time to put on your shiny new PlayStation VR headset to witness the greatest show in virtual reality, because Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live is out now! The game will transport you to a massive arena full of screaming Miku fans for a concert experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You’ll need to get your fanboy/girl on to help out Miku and charge the stage’s voltage by moving your controller in time with the crowd. Plus, don’t forget to shout some encouragement to her (seriously) as building her voltage up will unlock easter eggs. After three songs, Miku will even do a special solo encore performance just for you!


Developer Allods Team and global publisher present a brand new fighting class called the Outlaw in Skyforge. The new Outlaw class is the master of quickness, skill, and the best option for those who prefer impressive duels and rely on nobody but themselves! The Outlaw class is now available for all players and can be unlocked through in-game progression, and also can be instantly unlocked via the exclusive Outlaw Collector’s Edition available for a limited time only.

Loading Human: Chapter 1

Video game publisher Maximum Games, in partnership with developers Untold Games, today announced the release of their brand new virtual reality futuristic adventure game, Loading Human: Chapter 1. Coinciding with the launch of the highly anticipated Sony PlayStation VR on October 13, 2016, Loading Human: Chapter 1 is available now to purchase for £29.99 on the following platforms: PS VR via the PlayStation 4 at select retailers and digitally from the PlayStation Store, and HTC Vive and Oculus Rift via Windows PC digitally from Steam.

The Assembly

The Assembly is a launch title for PlayStation VR, so out now to download from the PlayStation Store for $29.99 / €24.99 / £19.99.

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker is a Lovecraftian FMV murder mystery, which gives players full freedom to question suspects by typing their own questions instead of picking them from a predetermined list. There are no point and click puzzles to solve, just questions to ask and evidence to inspect. Finding out who killed Dr Dekker is only one part of the puzzle; working out how to fix the chaos he left behind will be so much trickier… As well as providing clues to the murder, each patient has their own bizarre problem they need your help with – from time manipulation and re-animated loved ones to horrors under the sea. It’s currently on Steam Greenlight, where you can find more details.

Soulless: Ray of Hope

Meridian4 and Frisky Fatal bring you Soulless: Ray of Hope, their enigmatic indie 2D puzzle platformer developed by two Serbian high school students and greenlit by the Steam community. Soulless is set for release on October 18 on steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Follow the ray of hope in a world of darkening silhouettes as you help Elin save his friend and face his deepest fears. Immerse yourself in Elin’s childlike wonder, and witness each new puzzle, secret, sin, or dilemma unfold to discover the truth behind this shadowy world.

The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher invites you to a mysterious world filled with creepy spiders, frightening bugs and terrifying monsters. Your job is simple, exterminate all the bugs while protecting the crazy scientists who are hacking the facility’s mainframe. Only if they succeed, you will be able to progress further into the facility and continue your journey to unravel the mystery of why the bugs have taken control! Upgrade your character with new equipment, equip dynamic perks and unleash your arsenal of powerful weapons such as rocket launchers, lasers and miniguns on all bugs that stand in your way! Game is available 18th October, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

League of Maidens

League of Maidens is a 3D free-to-play online battle arena real time strategy game for PC/Mac featuring beautiful maidens with superhuman powers. League of Maidens was created by two developers that have never met face to face.. A love for gaming has brought them together and a passion for this project has led them to create what they believe to be something very special.


Ragtag Developments, the Oxfordshire based indie dev house, announce they have now passed over 200,000 total plays on their new game, amazeballz pool. Since April amazeballz has been available to play on Facebook, and the engagement with the game has been incredible. Players from all around the globe, with the most popular region currently being Egypt, closely followed by Brazil, have been hitting balls on the table.


Check out the Gameloft Blockbuster Showreel for 2016/17, featuring the all-new Zombie Anarchy, and fresh releases for some of our most celebrated and acclaimed franchises – Asphalt Xtreme, Modern Combat Versus, and Gangstar New Orleans.

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