Trailer Attack: 11th May 2017 – Mania witch heroes scrolls rain street


Roaring out of the dense jungles of Lustria, these ancient, cold-blooded warriors are the servants of the Old Ones, enactors of the Great Plan and the true protectors of the world.  Along with the High Elves, Dark Elves, and one race yet to be announced, the Lizardmen are one of the four playable races in Total War: WARHAMMER II, and will be playable on the show floor at this year’s E3 in the first hands-on build of the game.

Sonic Mania

Today, SEGA released brand new Sonic Mania footage featuring Knuckles the Echidna gliding and climbing through Flying Battery Zone Act 1. Sonic Mania is the ultimate celebration of past and future, blending Genesis-era Sonic platforming with New Zones, Powerful Bosses, and three Playable Characters, all presented at a gorgeous 60 FPS. In the span of 25 years, Sonic has collected countless rings across various Zones, and Sonic Mania revisits what it was that first made Sonic great, giving old and new fans alike an experience that will leave them smiling.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Nacht der Untoten. Verrückt. Shi No Numa. Kino Der Toten. Ascension. Shangri-La. Moon. Origins. Revisit the definitive chapters of the Call of Duty Zombies storyline that led up to Call of Duty: Black Ops III in the ultimate Zombies collection.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

In Morrowind, nothing is as it seems. The cut-throat world of Dunmer politics overshadows everything in Vvardenfell; the constant scheming and battles for influence between the Great Houses puts Morrowind in a constant state of treachery. Players exploring Vvardenfell in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind have to negotiate their competing allegiances to the three great houses: House Hlaalu, House Redoran, and House Telvanni. And they will have to keep one eye open and the other on their backs, because you never know who is truly a friend or foe in Morrowind.


Today, Epic Games has announced its next major update for its third-person PlayStation 4 and PC MOBA, Paragon, which is now available in free open beta. Available as a free update on Tuesday, May 16, “The Age of Intellect” update (v.40) brings a new Hero to the mix, reworks for several popular Heroes, changes to several cards, new ways to earn in-game rewards, and more. A quick overview of some updates can be found below, and more in-depth information and the full release notes


BATTLEZONE is available NOW on Steam and the Oculus Store, bringing VR’s most complete gaming experience to PC for the first time ever! And to celebrate its release on PC, BATTLEZONE will be 15% OFF during launch week!

Street Fighter V

Capcom drops an introduction video for upcoming fighter ED.


Block’hood gets a launch trailer. Block’hood is a neighborhood-building simulator that celebrates the diversity and experimentation of cities and the unique ecosystems within them. Budding city planners will have access to 90+ building blocks to arrange and combine and to create unique neighborhoods and discover the implications of their designs.

PlayStation  4

Sony Japan drops another musical inspired advert showing off new and upcoming games for the PS4, while Sony USA talks about dynamic 4k games on PS4 Pro.


Faraway is a puzzle adventure game, a modern tribute to Myst designed for phones and tablets. In Faraway you’re an adventurer exploring ruins of ancient temples full of challenges and mysterious riddles. Faraway is coming out today on Android and iOS!

The Unspoken

A new arena comes to The Unspoken. A rusty cast-iron mermaid drowns in lakeshore mud. Bleached wooden swings clack in the wind. A cracked neon sign snaps and hisses, but never illuminates. Are these relics from the park’s halcyon opening? Or are they tawdry reproductions from its doomed nineteen seventies remodel?

Injustice 2 Mobile

Injustice 2 Mobile is now out, so enjoy a launch trailer before the big brother, Injustice 2, hits next week.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

After narrowly escaping the rave of their lives in the 1990s, our four actors find themselves transported to their newest nightmare in grimy ’70s New York City. Will Andre, AJ, Poindexter and Sally survive Willard Wyler’s next masterpiece? Get ready to bring back the funk with the action-packed, kung-fu fright fest of Infinity Ward’s latest zombies adventure, SHAOLIN SHUFFLE.

Flat Heroes

Publisher Deck13 and developer Parallel Circles today announce that Flat Heroes is in development for Nintendo Switch and will be released on the console later this year. In addition to that a massive update for the game has been released for the PC version via Steam. Flat Heroes now supports Twitch on PC in a unique way, allowing streamers to interact even more with their audience. By the way: The Twitch mode is just a smaller part of the newly introduced Survival mode, where players must try to survive as long as possible and get rewarded in a worldwide highscore list. But that’s not all! For those yet undecided there’s now a free demo available.

Polarity: Ultimate Edition

Become the worlds most elite hacker in this first person puzzle adventure. You’re hired to hack into the most secure database on the planet by a client with big money and mysterious motives. Uncover the mystery as you progress deeper into the system’s core to find out what hacking the goverment has to do with the infamous LINUSCORP. You’ll need clever wits and fast reflexes to beat the system’s security and reach its twisted conclusion.


Coming soon to Playstation 4. Claybook is a unique physics based puzzle game in a world made entirely of clay. Shape your character and the world around you to overcome challenging obstacles.

Dark Witch Music: Rudymical

Jump and Slash to the rhythm! Dark Witch Music: Rudymical now on Nintendo Switch!

Drifting Lands

Blending the intense combat of shmup gameplay with the freedom of ARPG-style character progression, Drifting Lands defies genre conventions to create a new style of action game, coming to PC (Win/Mac) on June 5th. In the skies of a shattered planet, totalitarian corporations battle to control and exploit nature’s remaining resources, but you are not like them. As a new member in a caravan of outlaws, smugglers, and mercenaries, you fight for the right to survive and be free.

Battle Islands: Commanders

505 Games announced that the free-to-play console game BATTLE ISLAND: COMMANDERS is coming to iOS and GooglePlay from today. Battle Islands: Commanders features bone-rattling head to head combat and merges tower defence and collectible card styles of gameplay. Master the art of war for free in this super authentic, fast-paced strategy game, and reap the spoils of war as you destroy opponents from around the world.


System 3 announce details of The Thug and The Ghost, two more of the undesirable characters for Constructor, its forthcoming title coming soon to PC DVD Rom, Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Rarely comes a game with a challenge so great that even the developers have struggled to complete it. With no option in difficulty modes, you are thrust into an ever-changing dungeon wilderness with sheer survival being your principal task. Welcome to Rezrog, which will release worldwide on Wednesday, May 31st. Evil Wizards, grotesque creatures and hideous tongue-lashing swamp monsters from far around have descended to the darkest depths of the earth where they harvest the power of the gems found there. Take your team of brave adventurers, use your tactical nous and take advantage of enemy weaknesses to wrench the power back dungeon by dungeon in a quest to restore Rezrog to the peaceful land it once was.

Symphonic Rain

The HD edition of Symphonic Rain is coming to Steam June 14, 2017! All 100+ pictures have been modified by original character artist, Shiro, in this remastered version of the popular music adventure game. Available for the first time officially in English! The setting is the city of music and endless rain—Piova. Play as Chris Vertin, a student of the Piova Communal School of Music, as he prepares for his final examination in which he has to play the magic instrument, the Fortelle, with a vocal partner. When the sound of Chris’s playing harmonizes with the voice of the musical magic fairy that lives in his room, who knows what might happen?

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