Street Fighter IV figures recalled due to breathtaking typo


We’re no strangers to typing errors here at DZ, but this tip we received from a friend of ours – who wishes to remain anonymous – was too brilliant not to post.

It seems a large number of Street Fighter IV figures are being pulled from sale as we speak, after someone spotted an incredible mistake on the back of the Ryu figure’s packaging.

We won’t point it out for you, as it’s more fun to find it for yourselves. It’s kind of NSFW, but your boss/mum will need an ACTUAL hawk’s eyes to spot the mistake before you hurriedly minimise the window. Behold:


Amazing, no? Luckily this stands little chance of messing up the game’s retail performance on Friday, since literally everyone in the entire world is declaring it to be the best game ever.  Including us.

See you on Friday, eh?

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